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The Lee County Posse Arena is a non-profit organization.  We were founded in 1960 by a group of very dedicated men and women.  Throughout the years the club has grown from a few members to hundreds.  New members are always welcome.

We assist youth organizations such as Lee County Junior Posse, 4-H, Jr. and High School Rodeos and other equestrian organizations. All of our members are volunteers and we do not receive monetary assistance from the Lee County Government or any other affiliate.

We hold our meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Posse Arena Clubhouse located at 17401 Palm Creek Drive, North Fort Myers, FL. All members are encouraged to attend.


Some of our events include Wednesday practice with lights (must hold a current LCP membership), Friday night Jackpot on the first Friday of each month 8pm, January Cracker Day Rodeo, Youth Rodeo, and various performance shows by local equestrian clubs on scheduled weekends. Many of these events are free to spectators.

Check the calendar for a listing of all events scheduled. If you are interested in scheduling an event either in the arena or pavilion please contact Kacie Robinson at 239.462.1994 for prices and availability.

17401 Palm Creek Drive - North Fort Myers, FL 33917


Sherry Groff



Annette Detzel


Event Coordinator:

LCJP Advisor:

Kathy Cross

Kacie Robinson

Bobbi Harrison

Board of Directors:

Bill Cross, Kathy Cross, Bobbi Harrison, Sherry Groff, Annete Detzel

Lee County Posse Arena

About Us

Vice President:

Debbie Whitney

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