Sweet Cypress Ranch Friday night jackpot is held the 1st Friday of each month. Jackpot is Pole Bending and 4D Barrel Racing. Buckles are given to the top contestant in each Division, and awards are given to 2nd and 3rd place in each Division. Exhibitions are at 6pm with show at 8pm. Exhibitions can be purchased at the gate for $5 cash, or $20 cash unlimited.


Entry Fees: Pole Bending $25 ($5 of each entry to added money)

               Barrel Racing $35 ($10 of each entry to added money)

70/30 payout.

Concession available. 

Pre-entries can be made by texting your name, horse & event you want to enter to the phone number that will be posted the morning of the event via FB.

​​​​​2020 Rules:

1.   Horse / Rider Combination. The same horse can only be once per pole & barrel class.


2.   Points will be given from 1st to 10th place in each division for barrels &  in pole bending. 1st place will receive 10 points, and so on. 


3.   Buckles awarded to 1st place each division winner for barrels. 1 buckle awarded to 1st place pole bending winner.


Awards will be given to 2nd and 3rd place in each division for barrels and 2nd & 3rd place award to pole bending winners.

To be eligible for buckles/awards, you must work 8 hours. It is your responsibility to complete the hours worked form and have it signed by a staff member the day of the event. Your are permitted to have someone work the hours for you.

In the event of a tie for awards; times will be averaged for the year between the rider’s/horse combination that have tied.  The lowest (fastest) average time wins.


Poles: drag after every 5 riders.


Barrels: drag after every 5 riders


*Pole or Barrel knocked over = no time, *Broke pattern = no time, *Breaking the clock = no time, *Running out of turn = no time


*Dress Code: Jeans, boots, shirt

Lee County Posse Arena

Sweet Cypress Ranch Jackpot

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