2021 SCR Barrel and Pole Series RULES:
1. Dates scheduled for the following months: April, May (2), September, October, November, and December 2021. All dates are weather permitting, no guaranteed makeup dates.
2. The December 2021 date will be a finals show with extra added $$$, only the Top 20 in each division will be eligible to run, including all ties. MUST ENTER AT LEAST 3 SHOWS TO QUALIFY FOR FINALS. If a horse/rider combination qualify in more than 1 Division, they will go the finals in the Top division they qualified in. We will drop down past contestants that have qualified in multiple divisions so that there will be 20 contestants in each division going to the finals. (REVISED 04/13/21): We have added a Youth Class finals to our finale in December. The top 10 are eligible from each division. There will be added $$ and currently working on awards. If you qualify in the Open, you can either rollover or run at the finals show. Youth points will start at our May show.
3. If you qualify to the finals, you will be sent a text or email with a date that you need to respond, stating you will ride in finals. If you do not respond, or decline, next person in line will be eligible until we get 20 contestants for each division.
4. Finals in December will be clean slate. All award winners will be determined at the finals. If there is a tie, contestant that entered more shows will take top place. If same # of shows, a coin toss will be utilized.
5. Points will be given from 1st place to 10th place, starting with 10 points for first and down.
6. Exhibitions will be ran from 6pm to 7:45pm, $5 each or $20 unlimited. (REVISED 04/13/21): all exhibitions will be collected at the gate, cash only.
7. Entry Fees: Poles - $30. ($5 to added $$ and $5 to admin fees/pole setters)
Barrels - $40. ($10 to added $$ and $5 to admin fees/barrel setters)
8. All entries will be completed online only at rbbr.org. You will click on the SCR Series. Ensure that you have filled out all the information. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED ON SITE. There will be a comment section, so if you need splits, early #, etc.
9. All entries will be paid prior to the show thru PAYPAL. The PayPal address is:
advisor@leecountyjuniorposse.com. Time and date for entries to be paid by, will be posted on our Face Book page.
10. Payout will also be completed by PAYPAL, utilizing the PAYPAL address you paid your fees with.
11. Payout for both poles and barrels will be 70/30.
12. Barrel racing placings and payout will be based on NBHA guidelines
13. Pole placings and payout will be based on Lee County Posse guidelines
14. Draw will be posted prior to the show on rbbr.org. Draw will be random.
15. Horse / Rider Combination. The same horse can only be ridden once per pole & barrel class.
16. There is no limit to entries per person, as long as it is on a different horse.
17. If you run out of turn, you will be disqualified.
18. Knocked over pole/barrel or broken pattern will result in a no time.
19. Your name will be announced to enter arena, you will get 3 gate calls, followed by a 2 minute timer. If you are unable to get your horse in the arena within the allotted time, you will be disqualified.
20. No abusive language, abuse to animals, inappropriate behavior, etc. will be tolerated. You will be disqualified and asked to leave premises.
21. Dress code: jeans, boots, and shirt must be worn.
22. Barrel and Pole setters is a paid position. You must work the entire show (poles/barrels). Payment is $20 plus a meal and drink from concession stand. (REVISED 04/13/21): Payment is $40 plus a meal at the concession stand. You must commit to the entire show. We will utilize 3 people each show, you can sign up with Shelby Cody, if you are interested.
23. Contestants will not be required to work to be eligible for the finals and or awards. Barrel and pole setters will be paid position.
24. Any grievances or complaints are to be made to either Bobbi Harrison, Shelby Cody, or Amanda Ballard, their decisions are FINAL.

Lee County Posse Arena

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